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Frequently asked questions

How is Tipple compliant in selling alcohol across borders?
The Tipple team have expert partners all over the world that have decades of experience and specialise in specifically alcohol Excise Duty and VAT. As the laws change country by country it is imperative for us to constantly monitor and keep up to date with all the regulations required to sell alcohol.

As Tipple acts as the merchant of record, meaning we take the payment for sales. That also means that we take on the liability for Excise and all taxes associated with that sale, keeping you protected from a compliance perspective from day 1.
Will I have to spend a lot on accountants to manage cross border taxes?
No, Tipple has built a solution that not only calculates the correct taxes per country but also automatically files all Excise and taxes on your brands behalf.
Do you offer custom packages?
Yes, although Tipple is an end to end E-commerce solution to sell alcohol online. You can pick and choose from our offering, so if you just want our tax solution but not our warehousing or pick and pack then we can build custom pricing for that.
How quickly can I start selling my products online using Tipple?
We have built Tipple with speed and ease of use in mind. Our plugin is so easy to set up and once you are signed up with us we will arrange for your stock to be picked up, delivered to our Europe wide warehouses and you can be selling online with a few short weeks from start to finish.
Why would I use Tipple instead of an existing marketplace selling alcohol?
Tipple is a plugin that sits on your existing website. It is a whitelabel solution meaning that your shop has your own brands look and feel but it is Tipple in the backend.

That means that you can get a better understanding of who your customer is as they are ordering directly from your site. This allows for more targeted marketing, more educated product development and many more advantages of understanding your customer better.

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